LexicalWords Import Element From CSV FIle

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The operation allows a set of words to be imported into a LexicalWords object from a file in the CSV format.

For that purpose, right click in the lookup table object and select Resources -> LexicalWords -> Import From CSV file.

LexicalWords Import File.png


A graphical interface is launched that allows you to select the file / view information about its first lines and select General Delimiter,Text Delimiter, Default Value and the column for adding terms.

LexicalWords Export File2.png

  • General Delimiter: overall file delimiter to split the contents of different columns (in Blue)
  • Text Delimiter: delimiter to encapsulate information (in green)
  • Default Value: Default value used to represent empty records ( in orange )
  • Column Selection Options: select the column indexes of the file where the relevant information is provided (term, class, synonyms and external IDs) (In violet)

LexicalWords Export File3.png


In the end of this operation you can view a resources update report