Resources Update Report

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Report Content

Any operation for updating lexical resources (Import from flat files or from .csv files) generates at the end a report.

In this report, you can check:

  • Number of terms added
  • Number of Synonyms added
  • Number of external ID's Added
  • Number of classes Added
  • Source Resource
  • Source File (path)
  • Number of conflicts
  • Time (Milliseconds)

Resources Report GUI1.png

Conflict Details

Also, a report on the conflicts encountered in the process is given with the information illustrated below.

Terms that already exist in resource (as terms or synonyms)

Resources Report GUI1.png

Terms with different biological classes

Resources Report GUI2.png

Synonyms that already exist as Terms

Resources Report GUI3.png

External ID's that are already present in term

Resources Report GUI4.png