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About Publication Manager Plug-in

The Information Retrieval plug-in is divided into two main components:

  • Publication searching in PubMed, supporting search using a combination of keywords and specific fields. The result is a set of publication that contains information about title, abstract, journal.
  • These publications are organized in queries and Publication Retrieval tries to get the PDF file for a Publication indexed by its PMID.

There is a limitation for crawling that is limited to articles with free access only, but this option can be changed depending on the organization’s rights. The is also a system for classification of publications within a query given its relevance. This plug-in was developed in collaboration with the [SING ]group at University of Vigo - Spain.

User HowTOs

Publication Manager View

Change Relevance Document

Pubmed Search

Query Add Publication

Query View

Query Relevance View

Query Update

Query Remove

MVC AIBench Model:


PublicationManager: main data-type of the plug-in that contains information about all PubMed searches already executed. Contains information about proxy and database given by configuration file and directory for PDF files.

QueryInformationRetrievalExtension:represents a Query. Contains information about database ID, date, keywords, organism, matching publications, available abstracts and other generic query properties.


AddFileToPublicationManagerOperation: Manually adds a PDFfile for a publication.

AddPublicationToQueryOperation: Adds a new publication to a QueryInformationRetrievalExtension.

ExitOperation: Publication Manager exit operation.

InitReferenceManager: Initialize PublicationManager plug-in.

JournalRetrivalListDocs: Operation that given a list of PMIDs tries to get PDF files.

PubmedSearchOperation: Operation for searching in PubMed, given the query details.

SelectRelevance: Change document relevance for query.

UpdateQueryOperation: Update QueryInformationRetrievalExtension (updates the result of PubMed search in time).

LoadPublicationManagerStatus: Load Publication Manager Session.

SavePublicationManagerStatus: Save Publication Manager Session.


PublicationManagerView: PublicationManager View that contains a visualizer of all queries present in the Publication Manager and allows applying some filters.

QueryRelevanceView: QueryInformationRetrievalExtension View that permits viewing documents in a query including relevance.

QueryView: QueryInformationRetrievalExtension View View that permits viewing documents in a query and permits some search steps.