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To perform PubMed searches, right click on an object of the Publication Manager data-type Publication Manager -> Search in the clipboard or press the New Query button on the Publication Manager View (bottom left).

PubMed Search.png

Search Settings

A new PubMed search will be performed using the keywords selected in the pop-up window.

Pubmed Search GUI.png

You can restrict the search for a specific organism and can also select the name of an author, a journal, the type of article, if the article is present in PubMed Central or Medline, if full text is available or select a publication date interval.

Confirm results

Pressing the Continue button' starts the search process and a pop-up window is launched allowing to check the number of results prior to the retrieval of the full results.

Pubmed Search GUI After.png


If the query succeeds, the new Query results become available in the Publication Manager View as shown below.

PublicationManager GUI.png

While the query is processing, a progress bar presents the estimated time for the operation to conclude.

Estimate time left.png

Special Search Setting

This section details a special type of search in Pubmed using Pubmed Search operation that searches for documents given a list of PMIDs.

Find Documents given PMIDs list

You can build a query to collect all the publications given a list of PMIDs. See example




Keywords = 19210448[uid] OR 19789687[uid] OR 18730734[uid] OR 20385001[uid]