Publication Retrieval

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In the Query view, the list of publications is presented. This list contains all the publications that were selected from PubMed.

In this step, it is possible to select what are the publications the user wants to retrieve to the project. Each line of the view's table, corresponds to one publication, and contains the title, authors list and date of the publication.

Query View.png

If this information is not sufficient for the user to decide if (s)he wants to retrieve the publication, more detailed information about a publication can be viewed by clicking on the left most side button of the publication's row.

Let us now define how the user can retrieve the documents from the publisher's sites (when these are available according to the user's permissions). By default, all the publications in the query are selected, but the user can select the intended publications. If the Journal Retrieval (bottom right) button is selected, the application will invoke the Journal Retrieval operation.

The Journal Retrieval operation will try to find, on the Web, the PDFs of the selected publications. For each document found, the application will download it to the project's local directory and the PDF file will be available for future work.