Merging NER Schemas

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To merge two or more NER schemas for a Corpus, click the Corpus data-type icon and select the option Corpus -> Merge Schemas -> NER.

Merge Schema.png

Corpus Properties

A GUI is launched to select the NER Schemas. Two types of NER Process exist: Normal and Normalized (see definitions below). It is only possible to merge schemas with the same type.


After selecting the type of Corpus, select at least two NER Schemas for merging. To continue press Ok and the operation will be performed.


The merging operation will start and a progress window appears, indicating the progress of the operation. The NER operation will take a few minutes or hours depending on the number of documents and document size.

When the process ends, a new NER Process object will be added to the Corpus Process View.

Normal NER processes

Processes that do not have offset transformation (normal text)

Normalized NER processes

Processes that suffered normalization by activating this option when performing NER: see NER [Lexical Resources]