Corpus Create Annotation Schema By NER Already Configurated

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Select Option

You can perform a new NER (Entity recognition) based in Lexical Resources by first loading a Corpus to the Clipboard. One option is to configure this process based on previous settings used by an NER previously performed, i.e. using the same Resources and the same options.

In the first step, you can select a Corpus, right clicking over it and choosing Corpus -> NER -> Lexical Resources

Corpus Process NER ANote.png

New Configuration or Load Configuration

A wizard will be presented. The first step allows to select two options: Create a new process (New Configuration) or Load Configuration to choose to use the options used by an NER previously performed. In this case, select Load Configuration and press Next.

NER2 ANote Wizard1b.png

Select Configuration

The second panel serves to select the previous NER Process configuration to be used as a basis. The panel displays the information about the selected process (resources with classes and options, Stop Words and Normalization). Clicking on Ok the system performs a new NER Process, based on this configuration.

NER2 ANote Wizard2.png

Once the process ends, a new NER Process object will be added to the clipboard and can be visualized through the Corpus Process View.