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This is a component from patent ID search module of Patent Pipeline. To be configured, you must register yourself first to get the required credentials and access the service.

Registration process

To be identified and use Custom Search API from Google, you must register yourself to get two different credentials: a Custom Search ID and a API key. The first identifies your service version while the second identifies you as a service costumer.

Custom Search ID

Through this service, you are able to use the free or paid version. Using the free version, you are restricted to 100 requests per day and then the service stop working.

Free Version

Open the Google Control Panel. Then, you must login into your Gmail account clicking on the button in the area inside the orange box. If you don’t have an account, you must add one.

Google 1.png

After that, you must be able to access the configuration page, where you can create a new search engine (clicking on the option marked inside the blue box).

Google 2.png

In the Sites to search section, add only* to allow the search on google servers. In the name of your search engine, you must enter any designation you want. Click Create.

Google 3.png

Now, in the “edit search engine” section (blue box) you are able to enter the “setup” of your search engine (button inside the green box) and see the “search engine ID” (clicking in the button inside the orange box) which is your Custom Search ID.

Google 4.png

Open the Google Control Panel. There, you can use your previously generated search engine clicking on the “edit search engine” or add a new one clicking “new search engine” button.

Google 5.png

Then, you must access your search engine options and click on the button “Upgrade to Site Search (ads optional)”.

Google 6.png

There you can give your contact information and after fill these fields (in the area delimited by the orange box) you can skip to the next step, clicking on the “Next” button at the end of the page.

Google 7.png

Here, how many searches that serve your needs and click on “Purchase” button. You will be directed to a purchase page where you can input your bank card information.

Google 8.png

API key

To identify yourself by using the Custom Search API, you must create an API key. To that, you must access [1].

Google 9.png

By accessing the Menu Project, you can select the option “Create project”.

Google 10.png

Then, you can give a name to your project, defining if you want to be contacted by Google to get special offers and accept the service terms. After fill these settings, click in the “Create” button.

Google 11.png

Now, you can go into your credentials panel accessing “Credentials“ on the left Menu (inside the blue box). Then, click the button “Create credentials” -> "API key" and your key is automatically generated.

Google 12.png