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About Resources Plug-in

Lexical Resources Plug-in. Allows the management of resources with the possibility to create and edit new resources. Grouping some lexical resources in Biomedical Text Mining (BioTM) area. A resource can be defined as a list structured elements that can be used in BioTM processes. Some examples are dictionaries to identify entities in text (by pattern matching) or ontology for the classification of those entities.

In this are included dictionaries, lookup tables, ontologies, syntactic rules and lexical words (stop words).

User HowTOs

Dictionary Create

Dictionary Remove

Dictionary Management Content

Dictionary Merge

Dictionary Update

LookupTable Add Element

LookupTable Create

LookupTable Remove

LookupTable Export To CVS File

LookupTable Import Element From CSV FIle

LookupTable Merge

Ontology Create

Ontology Update

Ontology Remove

RulesSet Add Rule

RulesSet Edit Rule

RulesSet Create

RulesSet Remove

RulesSet Merge

LexicalWords Add Element

LexicalWords Create

LexicalWords Remove

LexicalWords Export To CVS File

LexicalWords Import Element From CSV FIle

LexicalWords Merge

MVC AIBench Model:


Dictionaries: Represents a Dictionary Set.

DictionaryAibench: Represents a Dictionary.

LookupTables: Represents a Lookup Table Set.

LookupTableAibench: Represents a Lookup Table.

Ontologies: Represents an Ontology Set.

OntologyAibench: Represents an Ontology.

Resources: Contains information about all lexical resources present in @Note and allows adding a new resource (Dictionary, lookup tables, rules or ontologies).

RulesSet: Represent a Rules Set. Allows Rules Set creation.

RulesAibench: Represent a Rule Set and allows the creation of a new rule and changing rules priority.

LexicalWordsSet: Represent a Lexical Words Set and allows the creation of Lexical Words (List of words without class associated)

LexicalWordsAibench: Represent a Lexical Words.

Operations :

InitResources: Plug-in Starting

ExitResources: Exit

CreateDictionary: Creates a new Dictionary.

MergeDictionary: Merging Dictionaries.

UploadDicionary: Imports new elements and synonyms, from database flat files, for dictionaries.

UpdateDictionaryBiowareHouse: Imports new elements and synonyms, from local BiowareHouse database, for dictionaries.

AddTermToLookupTable: Adding a new Element for Lookup Table.

CreateLookupTable: Creates a Lookup Table.

LoadLookupTableCSV: Imports data, from CSV files, to a Lookup Table.

MergeLookupTable: Merging Lookup Tables.

SaveLookupTableCSV: Saves Lookup Tables in a CSV file.

CreateOntology: Creates a new Ontology.

CreateRulesSet: Creates a new Rules Set.

MergeRuleSet: Merges Rule Sets.

NewRule: Creates a new Rule Set.

LoadResourceStatus: Load Resources Session.

SaveResourceStatus: Save Resources Session.

AddTermToLexicalWords: Adding a new word to Lexical Words.

CreateLexicalWords: Creates a Lexical Words.

LoadLexicalWordsCSV: Imports data, from CSV files, to a Lexical Words.

MergeLexicalWords: Merging Lookup Tables.

SaveLookupTableCSV: Saves Lexical Words in a CSV file.


DictionariesView: Dictionaries View that show Dictionaries available and permits selection adding dictionary in clipboard.

DictionaryView: DictionaryAibench View showing dictionary information. This view permits management of dictionary elements.

LookupTablesView: LookupTables View that shows available Lookup Tables and allows selection adding LookupTable in clipboard.

LookupTableView: LookupTableAibench View showing LookupTable information.

RulesSetView: RulesSet View that shows RuleSet available and allows selection adding RuleSet in clipboard.

RulesView: RulesAibench View showing Rules information and allowing priority changing.

OntologiesView: Ontologies View that shows available Ontologies and allows loading Ontology to clipboard.

OntologyView: OntolyAibench View showing Ontology information (tree format with synonyms).

LexicalWordsSetView: LexicalWordsSet View that shows available Lexical Words and allows loading LexicalWords to clipboard.

LexicalWordsAibenchView: LexicaWordsAibench View showing Lexical words information and available operations.