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About Corpora Plug-in

Plug-in that defines central data-types for Corpora (Corpus Set). All information extraction processes are applied over a Corpus in @Note2. A Corpus is a set of documents that could be annotated with entities/events in IEProcesses. In this plug-in is already some standard View for Annotated documents.

User HowTOs

Corpora Load Corpus

Corpora Remove Corpus

Corpus Load Process

Corpus Remove Process

Annotated Document Default View

Process Entity Details View

Process Load Annotated Document

Create Corpus By Publication Manager

Process Relations view

Process Relations Resume Stats

Merging NER Schemas

REProcess Export To XGMML File

Change Class Colors

MVC AIBench Model:


Corpora: Represents Corpora and contains a Corpus Set. Contains methods for Corpus database management.

Corpus: Represents a set of publications. Contains information about Corpus properties, name, description, database id and lists of IEPRocess applied to corpus.

NERDocumentAnnotation: Contains information about document entities annotations resulting from NER processes..

REDocumentAnnotation: Contains information about document entities and event annotation resulting from RE processes.

NERProcess: Represents a NER Process and contains a set of NERDocumentAnnotation.

REProcess: Represents a RE Process and contains a set of REDocumentAnnotations.


ChangeClassColor: Operation for changing class color. The color serves to view multi-colors.

CreateCorpusOperationByPublicationManager: Operation that permits corpus creation deriving for Queries of Publication Manager.

NERAnnotationsMergeOperation: Operation for merging NER Schemas from Corpus.

ExitOperation: Plug-in exit Operation.

InitProject: Plug-in start operation.

LoadCorpusStatus: Load Corpora Session.

SaveCorpusStatus: Save Corpora Session.


CorporaView: Allows the visualization of Corpus data-types on the clipboard.

CorpusDocumentsView: Allows the visualization of the documents belonging to each corpus.

CorpusProcessesView: Allows the visualization of the processes applied to each corpus.

NERAnnotatedDocumentView: NERDocumentAnnotation View; allows checking the document entity annotations.

NERProcessAnnotationDocumentsView: NERProcess View of all document and the creation of NERDocumentAnnotation.

NERStatisticsView: NERProcess View that contains statistics for entities in the corpus.

REAnnotatedDocumentView: REDocumentAnnotation View for document entity and event annotations.

REProcessAnnotationDocumentsView: REProcess View that contains statistics for entities in REProcess.

RERelationsViewer: REProcess view of all Relation present in the process.

REProcessRelationsResumeStats REProcess Relations main statistics.