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(June, 23rd - 2017)

  • Add Patent Pipeline Operation and Patent Retrieval How To
  • Add KineticRE Operation Artcle How To
  • Dictionaries and Ontology Loaders reviewed
  • Add PDF retrieval from PMC
  • Add Embedded H2 database to DatabaseAccess option - Now is possible using @Note without any external software installation for single use propose.
  • Add Linnaues Tagger options: Case sensitive only for small words and minimal char size for annotation
  • Database changes:
    • Annotation table: remove element normalization, start and end offset sentence, relation classification and add abbreviation, manual curated Boolean;
    • Processes table: Add version, create and update date
    • Add Table Data_process _status
    • Add Table Corpus_has_publication_has_processes
    • Create Lucene index - Text indexing
    • Update External Links
  • Some minors Bug fixed
  • Source code divided into biomedical text mining libraries and @Note project - Repositories changed Source Code