RESchema Apply Manual Annotation

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You can apply the relation annotations from a previous manual curation process kept in a RESchema object to another RESchema. To start this process, right click on the RESchema datatype that will receive the manual annotations and select "Merge -> Events Manual Curated"


Select RESChema with Manual Curation

A GUI will be launched to choose the RESchema Datatype (in blue) with Manual Curation Events/Relations annotated. You can see the statistics details in the section highlighted in red and manual curation details (ordered by document) in the section highlighted in green.


Notes : Annotation Type Meaning

RELATIONUPDATE: Relation whose annotated entities were changed (Violet)

RELATIONREMOVE: Relation that was removed (Red)

RELATIONADD: Relation that was added (green)


As a result of this operation a report will be generated, containing information on:

  • Number of relation changes
  • Number of missing changes
  • Type of Curation Changes
  • Details about Annotation changed
  • Details about Annotation missing
  • Time (Milliseconds)