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You can execute a clustering process based on a Query In the Publication Manager by right clicking on the Query datatype and selecting Publication Manager -> Query -> Cluster (or click on the Cluster on the Query Cluster View).

Create Query Cluster1.png

Clustering Configuration

A Clustering Configuration GUI is launched and you can select the Algorithm and define its parameters.

Create Query Cluster2.png

After choosing the algorithm and settings press ok.


Clustering Report

At the end of clustering appears a Clustering Report GUI containing general information like clustering processing name, clustering algorithm, labels created and processing time. In more details report present a tab with all labels and documents associated and another one with document and labels associated.

Clustering report1.png
Clustering report2.png

View Changes

The process begins and at the end, the results will be available in the Query Cluster View for the initial Query.

Create Query Cluster3.png