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You can apply the annotations from a previous manual curation process kept in a NERSchema object to another NERSchema. To start this process, right click on the NERSchema datatype that will receive the manual annotations and select "Merge -> Entities Manual Curated"

NERSchema MC 1.png

Select NERSChema with Manual Curation

A GUI will be launched to choose the NERSchema Datatype (in blue) with Manual Curation Entities annotated. You can see the statistics details in the section highlighted in red and manual curation details (order by document) in the section highlighted in green.

NERShcema MC 2.png

Notes : Annotation Types Meaning

ENTITYUPDATE: Entities whose class was changed (Violet)

ENTITYREMOVE: Entities that were removed (Red)

ENTITYADD: Entities that were added (green)


As a result of this operation a report will be generated, containing information on:

  • Number of terms changes
  • Number of missing changes
  • Type of Curation Changes
  • Details about Annotation changed
  • Details about Annotation missing
  • Time (Milliseconds)

NERSchema MC 3.png

NERSchema MC 3b.png

NERSchema MC 3c.png