Corpus Relation Co-occurrence Extraction

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You can perform a new RE Co-occurrence process based on entity proximity (i.e. terms in the same sentence) over a corpus in the clipboard. If the corpus is not in the clipboard, start by loading the Corpus to the Clipboard.

RIght click the Corpus object in the clipboard, and select the option Corpus -> RE-> Relation Co-occurrence Extraction

Corpus Process RECO.png

A new wizard will be presented that allows to configure the process.

Entity Process Selection

The first panel enables the selection of the processes that contain the entities annotated, being able to view some statistics and process properties. After selecting the desired process press Next to continue.


Relation Co-occurrence Extraction Model Selection

The next panel is used for Relation Co-occurrence Extraction Model Selection. Here, you can select the Relation Co-occurrence model to be used in the process. The panel shown below attempts to illustrate the type of results to be expected for the selected option. Once the desired model is selected press Next.



The RE Co-occurrence operation will start and a progress window appears, indicating the execution of the operation. The operation will take a few minutes or hours, depending on corpus size.

When the process ends, a new RE Process object will be added to the Corpus Process View.