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This is a component from patent ID search module of Patent Pipeline. To be configured, you must register yourself first to get the access token required to access the service.


This service is composed by two types of subscriptions (a free and a paid one). The free one is valid for 90 days and usable for 1000 searches per month. After this period, you must buy the service on Azure.

Free version

To identify yourself into the Bing Web Search API service, you must access Microsoft Cognitive Services. Then you must click in the orange button “Get started for free” on the upper right corner.

Bing 1.png

Then you must login into your Microsoft, Github or LinkedIn account.

Bing 2.png

After login, you must verify your e-mail account and then, in your subscription page, you can create your credentials clicking on the “+” grey button.

Bing 3.png

Select the “Bing Search - Free” option, accept the service terms and click on the “Subscribe” button at the end of the page.

Bing 4.png

You will be returned into the subscription page. There, you can see your Bing search engine configured under the grey “+” button. Click on “Show” button (marked into the orange box) for one of the two keys given. The generated key is your access token to Bing Web Search API.

Bing 5.png

After the expiration or if you want to do more searches in a month, you must visit your Bing Control Panel . There, you can see your subscription under the “+” grey sign and you must click on the yellow button “Buy On Azure” (in the area inside the orange box).

Bing 6.png

You will be redirected to Azure where you can login into your Azure account (clicking in the text evidenced inside the orange box) or create a new one (clicking on the green “Get started” button).

Bing 7.png

After that, you must be able to fill your personal and bank card data that will allow the reactivation of your previous access token.

Bing 8.png

Then, go to Azure Portal and click on the “+” button (inside the orange box) and search for “Cognitive Services APIs”. Click on the unique result “Cognitive Services APIs (preview)”.

Bing 9.png

In “API type” field you must select the option Bing Search APIs and in the Pricing tier selection, you can choose the best tier for your needs. After fill these fields, click on “Create” button.

Bing 10.png

Then you can see your subscription under the “All resources” panel in “Dashboard”. By clicking on it you are able to see a side menu with different informations about your subscription, including your credentials on “Keys” option.

Bing 11.png